Serial SDK Download

The Rsc Mgr SDK includes a sample project as well as a User Guide that addresses key topics that developers should be aware of.

You may also find the following resources useful:

Serial SDK FAQ

• Apple reference materials: The “External Accessory Programming Guide” available in the iOS Resource Library on the iOS developer website provides useful guidance.

• Sample Projects: Some developers have chosen to share their projects on GitHub ( Search for “Redpark” on the GitHub site. (Please note that these projects have not been reviewed by Redpark staff.)

• Make Magazine: (A few years ago…) The editors at Make Magazine ( posted step-by-step projects that are particularly useful for beginning developers. Search for “Redpark” on the Make Magazine site.


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Q: What else do I need in order to develop apps for use with the serial cables?
A: You need to become a registered iOS developer and build an understanding of iOS programming.

Q: As I am writing my app, is there a way to connect my iOS device to the USB port on my Mac (for debugging) while the serial cable is connected?

A: Not currently.

Q: Once I write my app, can I sell the app on the App Store?

A: Under current Apple policy it is not possible to use the App Store to deploy apps for use with our serial cables. As licensed by Apple, these cables are intended for use with apps deployed privately at home, at a school, or within an enterprise.

Q: Can I use the Rsc Mgr SDK to write apps that work with any Redpark cable?

A: The Rsc Mgr SDK may be used with the C2-DB9, C2-DB9V, C2-TTL, L2-DB9V or L4-DB9PV cables. Please contact Redpark if you have a need to develop an app for use with our Console Cables. This would require a different SDK.

Q: I am getting linker errors involving the EAAccessoryManager or EASession when I try to compile my project. What’s wrong?

A: Make sure the ExternalAccessory Framework has been added to your project dependencies.

Q: Can the driver software let me know when it is safe to write additional bytes?

A: Yes.Turn on the txAck setting in the port control structure. This will send a port status update every time the cable’s tx fifo is empty.

Q: Can you tell me the rate at which the SDK is polling/updating and calling the readBytesAvailable() method?

A: There is no polling, the code is event driven. When the iOS accessory manager receives data from the cable and we receive an event that data is available in the read stream, the readBytesAvailable call is made. Because these events are processed on the main run loop, you must be returned to your run loop before these are processed. For example, blocking locally inside your code will never allow these events to be processed.

Q: What are the unit values for rxForwardCount and rxForwardingTimeout in serialPortConfig?

A: Bytes and Milliseconds (respectively).