Leverage Our Experience

We have 15 years of experience developing successful accessories for the iPhone, iPad, PC, and Macintosh. We can help you to…

•   Accelerate your time to market.
•   Release an additional product.
•   Scale your team for a key project.
•   Jump up a learning curve.

Our work is focused on the following areas:

Accessories for iPhone, iPad and iPod

With the release of iOS 3.0 and new toolkits from Apple in summer of 2009, it became possible for developers to create hardware accessories for use with applications running on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Since that time we have engineered more than forty “app-enabled” iOS accessories that have been released into the market under the Redpark brand or under our customers’ brands.

We can help you to develop new iOS accessories — or we can assist you in integrating iOS connectivity into existing devices.

We are in our 12th year of developing hardware accessories within the “Made for iPod” program. We understand how to engineer and manufacture products that earn the “Made for iPod” logo.

Accessories for PC and Macintosh:

We are experts at developing devices that communicate with a host system via USB. During our years as Keyspan we developed a family of USB adapters that were known for being the most reliable USB adapters available on the market. We also developed USB attached IR and RF transceivers and remote controls.

As Redpark we’ve continued to provide USB expertise to our customers — engineering custom USB devices, providing USB driver development services, and consulting to systems integrators on projects that involve USB products. Examples of our work include:

We developed a custom USB adapter that connects a Macintosh computer to a Samsung LCD TV. The adapter allows an application on the Macintosh to communicate with the LCD TV using the Samsung “AnyNet” prototcol.

We provided a USB-attached infrared transceiver and custom USB drivers to a major consumer electonics company. The transceiver enables an application on the PC to receive infrared data from an IR remote, and to issue IR commands to a TV or cable box.

We developed custom RF remote controls with an RF receiver that attaches to the USB port on a PC or Mac. The remotes appear as a USB HID device to the PC.

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