Lightning Console Cable (L2-RJ45V)

Connects a Lightning iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the console port on Cisco networking gear. It is also compatible with other brands of networking equipment that use the same style of console port.

Designed for use with Cisco “Prime”, Cisco “Plug and Play”, “SecureCRT” and “Get Console” apps available on Apple’s App Store. The Console Cable is also compatible with certain other apps available on the App Store.

The RJ-45 connector is wired per Cisco console port spec. This is not an Ethernet cable.

Part# L2-RJ45V
Price: $69
UPC #: 013964221213
Warranty: 1 year
Length: 6 feet
Serial Connector: RJ45

Made for iOS. Redpark Lightning Console Cable. Apple Certified



Q: What networking devices does the cable work with?
A: The Console Cable is designed to connect to the console port on Cisco networking devices. It will also work with certain other brands of networking equipment that have RJ45 console ports wired per Cisco spec.

Q: What version of iOS is required?
A: iOS 8.0.x or later.

Q: What apps does this cable work with?
A: The cable works the Cisco “Prime”, Cisco “Plug and Play”, “Get Console”, and “SecureCRT” apps available on the App Store. The cable is also compatible with a small number of other apps that have been approved by Apple. These apps include: “Get Satcom” and “Get ORT+” from Satcom Integration; and “Siemens Connect” from AMIX Capital.

Q: May I use the Rsc Mgr SDK to create apps for use with the Console Cable?
A: No… a different version of our SDK is required. Please contact us to discuss.

Q: How can I tell if my iOS device recognizes the cable?
A: Open the “Settings” app on your iOS device. Select “General”, then “About”. If the Console Cable is recognized by iOS, it will appear in the list that is shown.

Q: How do I know what version of firmware the cable is using?
A: Once you have located the Console Cable in the “Settings” app, select the Console Cable to view its parameters.

Q: Can I power the iOS device using this cable?
A: No.