DEX Cables

Connect iPhone and iPad to vending machines and to DEX ports in grocery stores

DEX Cable

Part#: L2-DEX

  • For Lightning iPhones and iPads
  • Apple “Made for iPhone” (MFI) certified
  • 53″ long

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Part#: C4-DEX

  • For USB-C iPads and iPhones
  • Apple “Made for iPad” (MFI) certified
  • 53″ long 

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Redpark cables are used in enterprise deployments worldwide.

Companies around the world are deploying the iPhone and iPad to replace laptops as well as specialty computing devices.

In many instances there is a need to connect the iPhone or Pad to external equipment as part of an enterprise deployment:

For example route delivery drivers are connecting iPhone and iPad to vending machines or to DEX ports in grocery stores for DSD.

Redpark cables provide a simple and reliable way to make these connections.

Whether your enterprise deployment involves hundreds or thousands of cables — we are ready to help you execute your plan.

MFI Certified

Redpark cables are licensed through Apple’s “Made for iPhone” (MFI) program and have earned MFI certification.