Ethernet Cable

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Ethernet Cable

The Redpark Ethernet Cable connects a Lightning iPad or iPhone to 10/100 ethernet. It provides a network connection that delivers higher reliability and lower latency than wireless networking.

Once the Ethernet Cable is connected to an iPad or iPhone it is instantly recognized as a network connection that is available for use by an iOS app. Use the “Settings” app on your iPad or iPhone to configure the network connection.

The Redpark Ethernet Cable makes it easy to connect to ethernet devices for field service use cases. It is also useful for Facebook Live, Periscope and other video streaming apps.

  • L5-NET
  • $69
  • 013964221282
  • One year
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  • 10/100
  • RJ45 Auto MDX connector


  • For use with all iOS devices with Lightning connector
  • Requires iOS 10 or later


  • 6 ft long


How do I configure the network connection?

Using the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Once the Adapter is connected to an iPad or iPhone, “Ethernet” will appear in the Settings app in between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Both DHCP and Static IP addresses are supported.

What apps can I use with the Ethernet Cable?

The network connection provided by the Gigabit + Power Adapter is available to be used by any iOS app. Please note that the FaceTime, Messages and Wi-Fi Calling apps do not currently support ethernet.

What is the maximum bandwidth of the ethernet connection?

The Ethernet Cable is a specialty form of USB 2 to Ethernet Adapter. It provides bandwidth up to 95 Mbps. The maximum bandwidth is dependent upon the USB sub-system in the iPad or iPhone.

Can I share an iPad’s or iPhone’s cellular data connection over the ethernet connection?

Not currently. Perhaps a future version of iOS will support this.

Does the Ethernet Cable have a unique MAC address?

Yes. Each cable is programmed with a unique MAC address during the manufacturing process. The MAC address appears as the Serial Number in the Settings app. See General>Settings>About and select Ethernet Cable.

Can I also use Wi-FI when the Ethernet Cable is connected?

Not currently. Perhaps a future version of iOS will support this. When this cable is connected iOS will automatically choose to use ethernet as your network connection.

Can I extend the Ethernet Cable?

Yes. Use an RJ45 coupler to attach a Cat5E (Cat6, etc.) ethernet cable to the end of the L5-NET.

What version of iOS is required?

iOS 10.0.x or later.