Lightning Ethernet Cable (L2-NET)


The Redpark Ethernet Cable is a specialty version of USB to Ethernet adapter. It provides a general purpose ethernet interface — however there are functional limitations which need to be understood and are explained below.

The L2-NET cable has been designed for use in field service applications. It enables field technicians to use Ethernet to connect an iPad or iPhone to equipment in the field. It is compatible with any iOS app that makes use of our RedSocket SDK. “ENET Browser” (web browser), “SecureCRT” and “Get Console” (terminal emulators) and “Luminair” (lighting control app) are now available in the App Store for use with the Ethernet Cable. Other third party developers are now working on additional apps.

Part #: L2-NET
Price: $89
UPC #: 013964221275
Warranty: 1 year
Length: 7 feet
Ethernet Cabling: Cat5e with RJ45 Auto-MDIX connector
Maximum bandwidth: 5 Mbps

Lightning to Ethernet cable




Q: Why don’t all apps work with the Ethernet Cable?
A: Apple does not currently publish a way for accessories to access iOS’ native network stack via the Lightning connector. Therefore we needed to develop a 2nd network stack that is used by the cable. Only apps which use our RedSocket SDK are able to communicate with the 2nd network stack. So only apps which use this SDK are able to communicate with the cable.

Q: Are there functional disadvantages to using a 2nd network stack?
A: For the most part — no. In fact there are some advantages (as explained in the next item in this FAQ list).

Q: Can I use the Ethernet Cable at the same time as WiFi?
A: Yes. Since the Ethernet Cable makes use of its own network stack — it does not impact your use of iOS’ native network stack. An app is able to use both network connections at the same time if there is a need to do so.

Q: Can I use the Ethernet Cable to charge an iPad or iPhone?
A: No. The Ethernet Cable is for data communication only. It is intended for users who need to make temporary connection to an ethernet device or network. We also an Ethernet+Power Adapter which provides connections to both ethernet and to power.

Q: Can I develop my own apps?
A: Yes. The RedSocket SDK is available for free download from the Developer Tools page on this website. Apps that you develop may be deployed via the App Store — or they may be deployed privately under the terms of a Personal, Education or Enterprise Developers License.

Q: What version of iOS is required?
A: iOS 8.0.x or later.

Q: Why is the maximum bandwidth limited to 5 Mbps?
A: In order to comply with Apple Made for iPhone (MFI) power budget specifications, as we engineered the Ethernet Cable we made numerous design decisions that reduce power consumption. These power savings have a cost in terms of performance.

Q: Can I connect this Ethernet Cable to any Ethernet hub or switch?
A: The Ethernet Cable supports a 100 Mbps Ethernet connection. It is compatible with all hubs and switches that support 100 Mbps Ethernet.

Q: Does the cable have a unique MAC address?
A: Yes. Each cable is programmed with a unique MAC address during the manufacturing process.

Q: How can I tell if my iOS device recognizes the cable?
A: Open the “Settings” app on your iOS device. Select “General”, then “About”. If the Ethernet Cable is connected properly, it will appear in the list shown.

Q: How do I know what version of firmware the cable is using?
A: Once you have located the Ethernet Cable in the “Settings” App, select the Ethernet Cable to view its parameters.