Redpark cables are used in enterprise deployments worldwide

Companies around the world are deploying the iPhone and iPad to replace laptops as well as specialty computing devices.

In many instances there is a need to connect the iPhone or Pad to external equipment as part of an enterprise deployment:

• Field engineers connecting an iPhone to networking equipment, process control systems, building automation control panels, etc.
• Retail IT staff connecting an iPad to point of sale (POS) devices
• Laboratory personnel connecting an iPhone to scientific or medical instruments
• Pilots connecting an iPad to systems in an aircraft

Redpark cables provide a simple and reliable way to make these connections. When required, Redpark cabling solutions can also be used to power the iOS device.

Whether your enterprise deployment involves hundreds or thousands of cables — we are ready to help you execute your plan. Manufacturing lead times can be a factor for large scale deployments involving thousands of cables. Please communicate with us in advance so that we can be prepared to meet your desired schedule.

MFI Certified

All Redpark cables are licensed through Apple’s “Made for iPod” (MFI) program and have earned MFI certification.

Apps developed with our SDK can be deployed under your Apple Enterprise Developers license with no further review or approval from Apple.

Why Not Wireless?

While every iPhone and iPad can communicate via WiFi and Bluetooth, there are many reasons why wireless approaches may not be the best option for enterprise use:

• Wireless technology is prohibited in some environments.
• Wireless is not as secure as a cable.
• Wireless is not as dependable as a cable. Connections can be dropped or interrupted.
• WiFI and Bluetooth are often complicated to configure and troubleshoot.

Let’s Talk

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