USB Micro B Cable for Lightning

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USB Micro B Cable for Lightning

The USB Micro B Cable for Lightning is used to connect Redpark Gigabit Ethernet Adapters to an iPad or iPhone.

Five versions of the cable are available — three of which have right-angle Lightning connectors and two of which have straight Lightning connectors.  See Specifications section below for details.

All cables are Made for iPad (MFI) certified.

  • $29-$35
  • One year
  • Lightning and USB Micro B
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Right-Angle Lightning connectors:

Part #: L90-B-4
Length: 400mm (16″)
Price: $29

Part #: L90-B-15
Length: 1500mm (5 ft)
Price: $29

Part #: L90-B-30
Length: 3000mm (10 ft)
Price: $35

Straight Lightning connectors:

Part #: L-B-10
Length: 1000mm (40″)
Price: $29

Part #: L-B-30
Length: 3000mm (10f ft)
Price: $35


Can this cable be used to connect other USB devices to an iPad or iPhone?

Perhaps. The cable complies with MFI and USB specifications. However we only test the cable with Redpark Gigabit Ethernet Adapters. We do not warrant that the cables work for other uses.

Why are these Lightning cables sold separately from the Redpark Gigabit Adapters?

Cables are sold separately so that customers can choose the cable that best fits the use case. No single version of the cable meets the needs of all customers.

I already have an Apple Lightning to USB Cable. Can I simply attach a USB A to USB Micro B adapter?

No – this will not work. You must use an MFI certified Lightning to USB Micro B cable. (Lightning to USB A cables use a different version of Lightning connector.)