iPhone in Field Service


iPhone Field Service

Field technicians in many industries have stopped carrying laptops and now use iPhone to conduct all of their field service activity. Companies such as ServiceMax provide apps that run on iPhone and iPad to meet the needs of this growing market.

In some industries technicians have continued to carry laptops because they must connect to ethernet to conduct their work. For example field technicians installing or servicing internet modems, IP cameras and other networking gear have a need to connect to ethernet. And technicians working in high security facilities may need to carry laptops to connect to ethernet because Wi-Fi is prohibited.

Redpark’s new ethernet adapters now connect iPhone to ethernet — allowing field technicians to leave the laptop at home.

It's Easy to Connect iPhone to Ethernet and to Power!

Until now it has been difficult to connect iPhone to ethernet. iPhone ethernet adapters from Redpark solve this problem — allowing field technicians to install, test and service ethernet equipped devices. For example, a technician installing an new cable internet connection can now configure the cable modem and conduct a speed test all from their iPhone.