USB Micro B Cable for Lightning

The USB Micro B Cable for Lightning is used to connect Redpark Gigabit Ethernet Adapters to an iPad or iPhone. It is available in five versions.

If you will be using a Lightning iPad Pro 12.9″ we recommend using the L90-B-4 (400mm) cable.

  • Part #: L90-B-4    Right Angle Lightning connector   400mm (16″)     $29
  • Part #: L90-B-15  Right Angle Lightning connector   1500mm (5 ft)   $29
  • Part #: L90-B-30  Right Angle Lightning connector   3000mm (10 ft)  $35
  • Part #: L-B-10    Straight Lightning connector    1000mm (40″)   $29
  • Part #:  L-B-30   Straight Lightning connector   3000mm (10 ft)  $35

Warranty: One year




Q: Can this cable be used to connect other USB devices to an iPad or iPhone?
A:  No.   This cable is designed for use with Redpark Gigabit Ethernet Adapters only.  We do not warrant that the cables work for other uses.

Q: Why are these Lightning cables sold separately from the Redpark Gigabit Adapters?
A: Cables are sold separately so that customers can choose the cable that best fits the use case. Customers may select one of the Redpark Lightning USB Micro B cables or may select cables available from other MFI certified suppliers.

Q: Can I just attach an USB A to USB Micro B adapter to the Apple Lightning to USB Cable instead?
A: No – this will not work. You must use an MFI certified Lightning to USB Micro B cable. (Lightning to USB A cables use a different version of Lightning connector.)

Q: Why is the 400mm cable recommended when using the L6-NETPOE with an iPad Pro?
A: Though the L6-NETPOE, L6-NETAC and all L90 series Lightning to USB Micro B cable comply with Apple MFI specifications, real world testing suggests to us that an iPad Pro 12.9″ will slowly lose its charge when using longer Lightning to USB Micro B cables. This will depend upon the configuration and usage pattern of each iPad Pro. For this reason we recommend using the L90-B-4 (400mm) cable when connecting an L6-NETPOE to an iPad Pro 12.9″.