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Redpark ships Ethernet+Power Adapter for iPad and iPhone

Redpark ships Ethernet+Power Adapter for iPad and iPhone

Redpark Product Development, which shipped the industry’s first Ethernet Cable for iPad and iPhone, announces the first Made for iPad (MFI) compliant powered Lightning ethernet adapter.
Lightning to Ethernet cable  The Ethernet+Power Adapter is a specialty version of USB to Ethernet adapter. It provides a general purpose ethernet connection and also connects the iPad to power. The Adapter is compatible with any iOS app that makes use of a Redpark ethernet SDK.

“We’ve designed the Ethernet+Power Adapter for use in point of sale systems, kiosks, automation control systems and other use cases where there is a need to connect an iPad to a wired network interface and to power. While WiFi is suitable for many commercial applications, wired ethernet provides unmatched reliability and security,” noted Redpark president Mike Ridenhour.“We also provide SDKs for enterprises and app developers to use in developing their solutions,” explained Ridenhour.

“Our SDKs provide full control over configuration of the network interface and also enable simultaneous use of two network interfaces – something that has never been possible on an iPad before.”

An Ethernet+Power Adapter FAQ provides more details about Ethernet+Power Adapter functionality. The Ethernet+Power Adapter has an MSRP of $129 and is available today.


About Redpark

Redpark engineers and markets connectivity accessories for the iPhone and iPad. We also deliver custom cables in a “turnkey” fashion.

Our iPhone and iPad cables are used in enterprise deployments worldwide.

Redpark has participated in Apple’s “Made for iPhone” program for more than 15 years.

All Redpark products are created by our team of engineers in the San Francisco Bay area.

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