TTL Serial Cable (C2-TTL)

The Redpark TTL Serial Cable connects iOS devices to TTL serial devices.

It supports communication at speeds up to 57.6 Kbps and requires iOS 5.0.1 or later.

The cable is used in conjunction with the Redpark Serial Cable SDK. Together these tools enable hobbyist, education and enterprise developers to write iOS apps that communicate with serial devices. These apps may be deployed for private use at home, at school or in an office. Under current Apple policy this cable may not be used with apps sold on the App Store.

Part #: C2-TTL
Price: $59
UPC #: 013964221077
Warranty: 1 year
Length: 1 meter
Connector: 6-pin

Redpark TTL Serial Cable for iOS





Q: What serial devices does the cable work with?
A: The cable is designed to work with TTL serial devices at speeds up to 57.6 Kbps.

Q: What kinds of devices have TTL serial interfaces these days?
A: TTL serial devices include Arduino and other micro-controller platforms, scientific instrumentation, data loggers, sensors, and more…

Q: What iOS devices is this cable designed for?
A: It is designed for use with iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch (fourth generation), iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2 and iPad.

Q: What about the iPhone 5 and its new Lightning connector?
A: This cable work with the Lightning to 30-pin adapters that Apple provides. We will be releasing a Lightning version of the TTL Serial Cable before the end of 2013.

Q: What is the pin out of the 6-pin connector?
A: The cable pin out is as follows: RTS, RX, TX, DTR, CTS, GND (orange -> black).

Q: Can I power the iOS device using this cable?
A: No. However customers have reported to us that they are using DockStubz from CableJive for this purpose.

Q: Can I power the serial device using this cable?
A: Some very low power devices make use of the DTR signal line to supply power. The VCC pin on the 6 pin connector is connected to handshaking line DTR. It should supply 8ma but no more. And you may have to turn it ON before power is available at the connector pin.

Q: What apps does this cable work with?
A: The cable and SDK are provided to you so that you may write your own apps.

Q: Does the cable work with apps available at the App Store?
A: Not at this time. This will depend upon Apple policy.

Q: How can I tell if my iOS device recognizes the cable?
A: Open the “Settings” app on your iOS device. Select “General”, then “About”. If the TTL Serial Cable is connected properly, it will appear in the list shown.

Q: How do I know what version of firmware the cable is using?
A: Once you have located the TTL Serial Cable in the “Settings” App, select the TTL Serial Cable to view its parameters.

Q: What are the pinouts of the TTL connector?
A: Pin out is as follows: RTS, RX, TX, DTR, CTS, GND (orange -> black).

Q: How do I connect the TTL cable to an Arduino?
A: Connect RX on the cable to TX on the Arduino, connect TX on the cable to RX on the Arduino, and connect GND to GND.