New Redpark Adapter Connects USB-C iPad Pro to Ethernet and Power

Redpark Product Development is now shipping the USB-C Gigabit + Power Adapter for use with iPad Pro and iPad Air.

usb-c adapter connects iPad Pro to Gigabit Ethernet and power

“While wireless networking meets the needs of many users, there are times when it is preferable to connect iPad Pro to ethernet” explained Redpark President Mike Ridenhour.  “For example customers who use iPad Pro in point of sale systems need to connect to power and also prefer the security and reliability of ethernet”.

The USB-C Gigabit + Power Adapter is used to together with Apple’s USB-C Charger to power the iPad Pro.  Standard USB-C cables are used to connect the Adapter to the charger and to the iPad Pro. 

When connected to an iPad Pro running iPad OS 12 or later, the Adapter is recognized as a network connection and can be configured using the Settings app on the iPad Pro.

The USB-C Gigabit + Power Adapter (part # C6-NETUSBC) has an MSRP of $69 and is available today.