USB-C Serial Cable for iPhone and iPad now Available

Redpark is now shipping a USB-C Serial Cable that connects a USB-C iPad or iPhone to RS-232 serial devices.

C4-DB9VThe USB-C Serial Cable is a six foot long serial cable with male DB9 connector. The cable is used by field service technicians, route delivery drivers, laboratory staff and others who desire to connect an iPhone or iPad to serial devices.
“Many corporations have developed their own iPhone apps for their workforce to use. Our serial cables give these apps the ability to directly communicate with equipment in the field, an office or a laboratory”, noted Redpark president Mike Ridenhour.

The USB-C Serial Cable (part# C4-DB9V) has an MSRP of $69 and is available today.

Redpark Ships USB-C DEX Cable for iPhone and iPad

The Redpark USB-C DEX Cable is used by route drivers in the grocery and vending machine industries. It provides a way to connect a USB-C iPad or iPhone to a vending machine or to a grocery store’s computer system for direct store delivery (DSD).

DEX Cable (C4-DEX)“iPhone and iPad are rapidly replacing specialty handheld devices in the route delivery industry,” explained Redpark president Mike Ridenhour.

“Some of the world’s largest beverage companies have developed their own route accounting apps for iPhone and iPad. Route accounting apps are also available from commercial app developers. Our DEX Cable completes the solution by enabling these apps to connect to store systems in the field.”

The USB-C DEX Cable (part# C4-DEX) has an MSRP of $79 and is available today